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For pretty much my whole life, wherever I’ve gone, my camera’s not been far behind. As an extroverted introvert, I soon realised that people were my favourite muse; and as a hopeless romantic, I fell head over heels for wedding photography even quicker. Photography goes so much deeper than capturing what you look like (which is great, by the way, in case no one’s told you that today), but about who you are - so it’s only fair you know a bit about me too.

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My aim is to do everything I can to make your experience with me super fun and relaxed.

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You could say style of wedding photography is a little untraditional. In fact, you could probably describe it simply as a collection of wedding photographs of couples and the people they love having an incredible day filled with belly laughs, happy tears and genuine moments.

With my creative wedding photography, I’m there to capture it all.

The one thing I hear most from my couples is just how fast their wedding day goes and I make it my mission to make sure you can relive your day through your wedding photos.

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My ethos for photographing your wedding day is to tell a story; so I love to be there from early morning prep right up until you're dancing the night away. With my creative wedding photography style, you'll have beautiful photos that you can cherish forever. One of my favourite things to do is to spend an evening looking through old photos with my Gran; I love to time travel and relive those memories with her.

Based in London but originally from Dorset, I photograph weddings and couples all over London and England to anywhere in the world. My heart feels full when I'm travelling with my camera in hand. Whether it's for your destination wedding or you're planning an adventurous engagement shoot, take me with you.

"TASH WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE OUR PHOTOS!! We just can't stop looking at them! You have captured us so perfectly. They are beautiful. I need to make more space on my wall!! Thank you for being THE MOST wonderful photographer throughout this whole journey. I am so happy I found you. We will be recommending you to anyone who asks!"

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London Wedding Photographer

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London Wedding Photographer