Hackney Town Hall Wedding Photography

Hackney Town Hall is a unique wedding venue, in the heart of East London, bursting with charm. If you’re looking for a cool and relaxed city registry office, then look no further. As far as Hackney venues go, you can’t get much more central than this with the ceremony venue situated in the heart of Hackney Town. And as a London Wedding Photographer, this is a firm favourite of mine to capture ceremony photos.

Cool group photo on steps of Hackney Town Hall

I had the opportunity to photograph a wedding at Hackney Town Hall on a sunny Thursday in April and it was the perfect host to this fun filled wedding day. The weather was sunny and the vibe was low key. The couple opted to marry in the Atria, a large light filled room with structural lines, an architect would admire.

Wedding Supplier Team

With the bride and groom both being creatives, it was no surprise that their supplier team was mostly DIY. The bridal party’s hair and make up artist was a friend of the bride’s, whilst the florist was the bride and mum and their cake was beautifully crafted by one of their good friends. The bride’s dress (which I’m sure you’ll agree, she looked just magnificent in) was designed by Calla Blanche from Morgan Davies Bridal shop. Check out the Hackney Town Hall website for more information about having your wedding ceremony there.

Getting Ready

Both the bride and groom chose locations to get ready that were within walking distance of Hackney Town Hall, with the groom at his brother’s flat boasting some awesome views of London and the bride choosing a light filled air bnb which worked perfectly for the wedding images. The energy was high and the vibe of a fun and relaxed wedding was definitely flowing in the air.

If you’re looking for options to have your bridal prep nearby, I would also really recommend the Town hall hotel and apartments for your Hackney town hall wedding photography. The newly refurbished venue has modern and bright rooms and is just a five minute drive from Hackney Town Hall.

On the Way to the Ceremony

The wedding day was going to be split between two venues, so they went with the perfect choice of hiring a classic route master London bus to ship their guests from East London to West London. This can add a whole load of fun to your day, especially if your guests are not from London. The images are always filled with lots of energy and fun, candid moments galore. It works especially well if you add some ice buckets filled with tipples and refreshments to keep your guests hydrated and the party going.

The Ceremony

The ceremony room looked gorgeous, decorated with the beautiful DIY bouquets, crafted by the bride and her mum, situated just at the right place, at the end of the aisle. The light from the glass ceiling draped over the guests as they chatted and mingled.

The groom went first with his pre-interview with the registrars, while the bride and her bridesmaids hid from sight. The ceremony at the town hall was beautiful and emotional, with their family and friends smiling on proudly. There were beautiful readings from the grooms Dad and the bridesmaids, which caused a few tears in the crowd! Scroll to the bottom to read the full poem by the Groom’s Dad!

Confetti and Group Photos

Hackney Town Hall ask that no confetti is thrown on the actual staircase outside, so the newly married couple made their way down to the bottom of the stairs to meet the line. I am an advocate of there never being too much and will always encourage my couples to bring extra to really make their confetti photos pop!

And I love embracing the hustle and bustle of a central London wedding. There will be members of the general public (most likely cheering you on) and they can make an added touch to your images too!

Couple Portraits

After a fun journey across London from Hackney Town Hall, we arrived in West London. I had been to visit Maida Vale a couple of days before the wedding so I knew where we would be going for the couple’s portraits. There are some beautiful mews’ and cobbled streets in the area which we took a walk to when arriving at the The Elgin pub for the drinks reception. All of the colourful blooms and lush greens were out which made the photos even more beautiful too.

We were lucky to find that the weather was still holding out, just like that fresh spring day when the day started, so we were able to walk around to all the right places and use the lovely spaces that Maida Vale has to offer for couple portraits.

The Reception

Below are a few photos from the reception where the speeches, meal and party took place but stay tuned for a separate blog post on this awesome pub London wedding venue. And keep scrolling to read the father of the groom’s ceremony poem!

How I Work

As a documentary London wedding photographer, I have a fairly relaxed approach when photographing your wedding day. The run up to your wedding day is where I will be putting the steps into motion to make sure I’ve got all of the important times and information, including group shot combinations. But when your day comes around, I’ll be making sure to capture all those authentic moments including laughter, dancing and all the love between you two and your guests.

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Poem read by Father of the Groom: He never leaves the seat up, by Pam Ayres

He never leaves the seat up
Or wet towels upon the floor
The toothpaste has the lid on
And he always shuts the door!

She’s very clean and tidy
Though she may sometimes delude
Leave your things out at your peril
In a second they’ll have moved!

He’s a very active person
As are all his next of kin
Where as she likes lazy days
He’ll still drag her to the gym!

He romances her and dines her
Home cooked dinners and the like
He even knows her favourite food
And spoils her day and night!

She’s thoughtful when he looks at her
A smile upon his face
Will he look that good in 50 years
When his dentures aren’t in place?!

He says he loves her figure
And her mental prowess too
But when gravity takes her over
Will she charm with her IQ?

She says she loves his kindness
And his patience is a must
And of course she thinks he’s handsome
Which in her eyes is a plus!

They’re both not wholly perfect
But who are we to judge
He can be pig headed
Where as she won’t even budge!

All that said and done
They love the time they spent together
And I hope as I’m sure you do
That this fine day will last forever.

He’ll be more than just her husband
He’ll also be her friend
And she’ll be more than just his wife
She’s be his soul mate ‘till the end.

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